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LED mining lamp development program

Occupy a certain component in the energy consumption of the plant, the lighting energy consumption. For example, in a 40,000 square meters of factory buildings, lighting, electricity load is about 400KW, therefore, in the selection of plant lighting, how to implement energy-saving, environmental protection is placed in the factory designers is an important issue. The new LED light source based on the lighting, in addition to energy saving and environmental protection, it also has a long life, fast response time, the pure light of the light color focus in recent years, well received by consumers.
LED lighting design key technology
New technologies, new materials and new techniques continue to be applied to the design of high-power LED light source, and laid a solid foundation for high-power LED lighting design for the LED light source, the application of product differentiation, the design, testing and other standards the introduction of a certain lag, thus resulting in the interchangeability poor of the products of different manufacturers in the structure, performance and other aspects. same time, LED lighting products is the integration of a machine, light, electricity, and other factors, the design is related to many areas of technology.
LED mining lamp design example
LED mining lamp design involves more details, in accordance with the following important considerations are discussed in order to reflect the design process and methods, as shown:
Power Selection
Light source selection
Thermal design
Mechanism Design
Optical design
Power Selection
Mostly traditional mining lamps to 250W or 400W high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps and new LED lighting features contrast, has a more obvious difference, as follows:
Taking into account the actual use of high pressure sodium and metal halide light decline and the second light, the actual luminous efficiency is much lower than 80 lm / W, are often unable to reach 70% of nominal. So we developed the first LED mining lamp power setting of 120W or so, once the lighting effects in line with expectations than traditional lighting energy saving over 50%.

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