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Emergency lighting production

The production of simple, practical and emergency lights. It can automatically switch power supply during power outages. When the normal power supply, automatic back-up battery charging, and charging protection function. The circuit shown in Figure 1. The following describes how this works. In the normal supply of electricity, J2 was electric pull, the dynamic contact with the N / O (normally open) connected, back-up battery side of IC1 the inverting Duanxiang associated. IC1 (LM308) and D5, D6 composed of the voltage comparator, the reference voltage from D5, D6 decision. Here with a silicon diode (D5), and a 6.2V Zener diode (D6) to form a 6.9V reference voltage, the charge voltage voltage monitoring. Of IC1 pin input voltage (ie battery voltage) is lower than 6.9V, the output of IC1 'six feet high, of T1 conduction, J1 was electric, the dynamic contact with the N / O (normally open) connected to the power supply voltage through R2 to charge the battery while LED2 light for charging instructions. Change the R2 resistance adjustable charge current. With the increase in charging time, IC1's pin voltage is gradually increased, when the voltage is greater than the reference voltage of 6.9V, IC1's pin output low
Level, the cut-off of T1, J1 loss of power, disconnect the charging circuit, automatic charging protection function.
When in power, J2 lost power, the dynamic contact with the N / C (normally closed) connected, battery powered emergency light circuit through the S1 auto-switching function, to achieve a power outage. S1 is used here to manually cut off the circuit part of the emergency lights. IC2 (the NE555), T2, T3, T4, and X2, such as the composition of the emergency light circuit. The IC2 composition 50Hz signal generator, the output of IC2 pin of the 50Hz signal, T2 RP, zoom in push-pull circuit, respectively, driven by T3, T4, X2, X2 high-pressure side of the sensor to a 220V AC fluorescent tubes lights up. Where X2 can be a secondary 4.5-volt primary 220V, refined power transformers, power test fluorescent tube power. When used, note that T3, T4 should be added to the radiator.
Production, X1 selection for the 6V/200mA the power transformer secondary. J1, J2 choice of coil voltages 6V relay. Other devices can refer to the icon, no special requirements. Circuit debugging is very simple, connected to the main power supply power, J2 action should be LED1 power indicator. Then the measurement of IC1 pin voltage is about 6.9V available after an external power access IC2 pin to adjust the charging protection circuit. When the input voltage greater than 6.9V, the J1 action should be disconnected. Short open S1, emergency lights with access to external power supply circuit, the measurement of IC2 output is 50Hz, then both measurable part of the X2 output voltage is about 220V. LED3 for blackout emergency lights work instructions.

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