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Emergency lights to distinguish between true and false

The genuineness of the difference between the fire emergency lighting, formal emergency lights lamp is generally octagonal, material produced by the burning material (usually iron), and each emergency light has the battery and the regulator, once fire after a power failure, emergency lights will automatically start, guidelines escape to the crowd in the dark road, the emergency lights are generally of excellent quality will not be destroyed by fire. Fake and emergency lights lamp multi-round, frequent use of plastic material, so even if the lighter is also just 10 seconds you can ignite a fake emergency lights does not automatically open after a power outage, you need to manually key in order to start, they simply can not play to the the role of. Purchase sales of fire protection products from the regular manufacturers to purchase, but also by the Log Fire Information Network ", and fire protection products online 3C certification to verify, confirm whether the product conformity assessment of fire protection products of the Ministry of Public Security Center identified. Fire products are divided into three categories. The first is to require mandatory certification, the second is the need to type approval, require mandatory inspection. Therefore, not all fire protection products must be certified, non-certified products also can be used.


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