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Emergency light control mode

Domestic use of the emergency lighting system to its own power supply is controlled independently, in the normal general lighting power connector from power supply circuit, usually on the emergency lights battery charging supply automatically when normal power is cut off, standby power supply (battery). This form of emergency lights within each fixture has a transformer, voltage regulator, charging, inverter, batteries and other electronic components, emergency lights in use, maintenance, and required to charge and discharge of battery failure. The other is a centralized power centralized control type, and no independent power emergency lighting, normal lighting, power failure, powered by the centralized power supply system. Complex electronic circuit inside the lamp eliminating the need for this form of emergency lighting system, emergency lighting and no different from ordinary lamps, the centralized power supply system is set in a dedicated room.
Compared with own power independent control of emergency lighting, centralized power focus on ease of centralized management, user self-examination and emergency lighting control, fire supervision and inspection, to extend the lamp life, improve emergency evacuation performance, system reliability, service life long, maintenance and management system price. But the concentrated power of centralized control of emergency lighting each emergency lighting standby power supply (battery), if the supply line failure, will directly affect the normal operation of the emergency lighting system, so its power lines laying special fire safety requirements. Independent control of its own power supply emergency lighting because each emergency lighting with a standby power supply (battery), so the supply line has no special requirements, supply line failure does not affect the standby power to play a role. Failure occurs, emergency lights generally affects only the lamp itself, has little effect on the entire system.
Reasonable choice should be based on the specific circumstances in the choice of emergency lighting, emergency lighting system. In general, new construction or engineering, with the fire control room should be unified wiring, the choice of centralized power and centralized control emergency lighting; for small places, the late rectification or secondary decoration transformation projects in the construction process should be used to bring their own power independent control of emergency lighting.

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